Tolu Awopetu is a certified youth and relationship coach and a pastor’s wife based in the United Kingdom. She believes that she was called to prepare young people for a successful life by teaching them personal responsibility, core values and other soft skills.

One discussion with her, and you could immediately tell she had a heart that beat for teens and young adults. 

Coach Tolu organised a masterclass for teenagers called the Limitless Teens Group Coaching. There was only one problem: She had been spreading the word, but no parent had signed their teens up.

This situation is not strange to many business owners. You’ve created a product that you’re sure is a solution to your audience’s problems. The real problem is getting them to understand and appreciate your solution enough to buy from you.

The Challenge:

Market the group coaching organically on social media and get conversions in 2 weeks. This would involve taking the audience through the customer’s journey in only 2 weeks.

The Strategy:

In putting together a strategy, we looked at 3 key areas: her ideal audience, customer journey, and irresistible copy.

Ideal Audience: Who is Tolu Awopetu’s ideal audience for this masterclass?

The customer journey: Where exactly does her audience stand as far as the buyer journey was concerned? Are they cold, warm or ready to buy from her?

Copy: What framework would we embrace in creating copy for the campaign?

Ideal Audience:

The group coaching and masterclass was for teenagers, so the ideal audience/ customer would-be parents of teenage children. 

We created a detailed persona that described the type of parent who was most likely to buy this product for their teenager. It turns out that she already had quite a sizeable number of these people in her audience.

Customer Journey Mapping

Next, we wanted to know where the audience stood concerning the buyer journey. This was important for the content they would appreciate and the copy that would command and hold their attention.

Copy/Content Creation

Finally, I got to work creating content. I made a beautiful cocktail of the AIDA and PAS frameworks, with a healthy sprinkle of storytelling for effect. 

Twice daily, we shared the content and copy across social media. The campaign lasted a fortnight, in which time we had positive reactions and healthy engagement but no conversions. 

I could see the audience loved our cocktail. They just needed a couple more drinks. 

Coach Tolu didn’t run any ads either. She also disagreed with more drinks, but she let us go ahead.

On the last day of the campaign, the conversions came. Needless to say, the group coaching was super successful.

High converting copy doesn’t work alone.

It needs time and consistency to work its magic. 2 weeks for a campaign was cutting it really close. But it worked out in the end.

The Result?

$1,800 in one week.