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Intermediate Training

By Ayeesha Writes

This Training is specifically prepared for you if you’re looking for ways on how to get more results from your communication team and make more money as a business owner without having to spend extravagantly on marketing.

What do you need to get started.

In years of training people on how they can grow their business with copywriting & improve on their communication skills, I have trained different calibers of people who have gone ahead to produce results for themselves and has also helped them to increase their revenue. which I’m sure you won’t want to miss this session.

-- Ayeesha Omadibi

With over 15 Video Lessons,
Here’s a fraction of what’s inside the course…

Module 1: Writing for an audience

How to write copy that makes an honest connection with your reader.

Understanding your target audience

The first rule of good marketing is understanding your audience. You’ll learn the psychology of getting your audience to take action…or not.

Crafting irresistible benefits

Learn how to write benefits that light a fire in your reader’s belly. I’ll walk you through my no-fail technique to nailing the BIG, hairy benefits.

Capturing the right tone and voice

How you say it is just as important as what you say. Communicating the personality of the brand will help it stand out. I’ll show you how to peg a brand personality and translate that into words.

From Me To You

I’ll show you how to draw your reader in and make them the hero in your story. You will go from “I’m so amazing” to “Your life will be amazing, with me”.

Module 2: Offers and actions

How to incite action after making a connection. 

How to hook your reader in (with headlines & words that sell)

You’ll learn how to write headlines that turn meh to MESMERIZING. You’ll also learn about power words and how to use them.

Writing calls to action

Your call to action will either be the icing on the conversion cake or the ultimate turnoff. You’ll learn how to write calls to action that motivate action!

Compelling offers: why they work and how to write them

Big promises work wonders only if you keep them. You’ll learn how to craft a compelling offer that gets your audience to do your bidding.

Trust-building techniques

I’ll show you how to fast-track the trust-building process. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Module 3: The writing process

How to create the best writing possible, with results to show. 

First of all, The Brief

This is where brilliant copywriting begins. You will learn the SMART questions to ask, including my techniques for brainstorming creative ideas, researching and preparation.

The ‘how to’ collection

We finally get into some nuts and bolts. You’ll learn how to write a website, a brochure, direct mail and advertising with a content map of structuring your messages.

Editing for conciseness

The more you write, the more you edit. Editing will become half of your writing task, so we’ll step through some ways to tighten your copy up.

Finishing: formatting and readability

You will learn the techniques to make your copy more readable, including my tips on grammar and proofreading.

Bonus: Module 4: SEO Writing

How to write copy that brings you Google love without turning readers off.

This is an essential skill set for any online copywriter.

Part 1: About SEO: what you need to know

This introduction will set the scene off and help you get to grips with search engine optimisation (SEO) and SEO copywriting without getting a computer science degree.

Part 2: Matching keywords to intent

A lot has changed about keyword research, but it’s still an essential start to the process of optimisation. The real skill is to understand the intent behind the searches.

Part 3: How to SEO

This is the meat of the module, and we’ll cover the mechanics of using keywords strategically in your copy, optimising text and writing meta tags that sell your pages.

Part 4: When is enough, enough?

Sometimes it’s hard to know when to stop (eating ice cream, for example). This part will take you through some ways to tell if it’s time to step away from the SEO.

There are two immutable things human beings can’t do a the same time. 1). Making Excuses & 2). Making Money. You need to choose either to join this session and start to make more money.

-- Ayeesha Omadibi




When you purchase the course today,
you also get access to…

Proven Sales Materials

In this training, you will get access to sales materials that will help you to boost your sales and will also enable you to be able to sell anything. Like anything you wish to sell will bring in massive sales using the proven strategies compiled into our sales materials.

Exclusive Private Group

This is an exclusive group created for everyone who registered for this session. This is where you get to meet different types of people who are doing businesses that are bringing in millions of naira daily.

Business QAs/Review Sessions

Unlike every other online training where you get to learn on your own after you have paid for a training. In this training, will provide an after-class review session where I will look into your business and help you see where you can improve and how to do better. You won’t be left stranded.

Meet Your Instructor...

Joseph Paul Nnaemeka is a startup entrepreneur, an unconventional digital marketing practitioner, a marketing strategist, sales funnel hacker and also a business developer.

As a certified digital marketing strategist by Google, Cisco NetAcademy, Microsoft, LinkedIn, e-Marketing Institute and other reputable firms like Hubspot. Joseph has gone ahead to help both small & large firms with their marketing strategy and also created business learning avenue called Nnaemeka Business College a subsidiary of Nnaemeka Group LLC for small business owners, startup entrepreneurs, students and graduates where he teaches different digital tech skills, sales & marketing and other opportunities involved .

With proven track record doing different businesses and serving different clients on different range of services Joseph is ready to teach you but…


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